• Arealiter Quick View
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      Arealiter Quick View
    • Arealiter

    • $116.00
    • Illuminate an area 40 feet in diameter with the Nightscaping® brand Arealiter. With a chip and shatterproof globe guaranteed to maintain its original color under normal conditions, the Arealiter will help you accent any architectural style and promote safe foot travel throughout any landscape. Features: Lamp: Single-Contact Bayonet Material: Phosphatized Steel Finish: Black Powder Coat Lens: Opaque Globe Louver: Standard…
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  • Audition Quick View
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      Audition Quick View
    • Audition

    • $99.00
    • The Audition is the newest down-light bullet, a sister to the increasingly popular Apprentice uplight. This marine grade extruded aluminum fixture is a great choice where a brass or copper fixture is not desired. A very clean looking, unobtrusive fixture that can be powder-coated to meet your needs. Features: Lamp: MR16 Material: Aluminum Finish: Bronze Powder Coat Lens: Clear Silicone…
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  • Border Lites Quick View
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      Border Lites Quick View
    • Border Lites

    • $117.00
    • Create a festive and upbeat atmosphere using commercial quality Borderlites by Nightscaping®. Borderlites utilize the largest lamps in the Nightscaping® string light family and are ideal for outlining commercial structures, rooflines, windows and columns. They are also appropriate for highlighting trees or structure along walkways, in parks, or other public and residential spaces. Features: Lamp: Wedge Base Lamp Spacing: 12”…
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  • Bruteliter III Quick View
    • Bruteliter III Quick View
    • Bruteliter III

    • $375.00
    • The Bruteliter III is the most powerful and durable Nightscaping® fixture yet. For tall trees up to 80’, large buildings, and commercial applications designed for installation in hardscapes as well as lawns and planter areas. The Nightscaping® Brute-liter III is the ultimate in power, function, durability and dependability. Features: Lamp: PAR36 Material: Fiber Glass Composite Finish: Bronze Powder Coat Lens:…
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  • Charmer Quick View
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      Charmer Quick View
    • Charmer

    • $55.00
    • The commercial grade aluminum Nightscaping® Charmer, with its square configuration and sleek body style is a perfect luminaire for any contemporary landscape setting. Use the 8-foot circle of light produced by this compact fixture to showcase flower beds and planters or boost safety around pathways, steps and stairways. Features: Lamp: Single-Contact Bayonet Material: Aluminum Finish: Black Powder Coat Socket: Single-Contact…
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  • Constitution Quick View
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      Constitution Quick View
    • Constitution

    • $136.00
    • The Nightscaping® Constitution was designed to illuminate sidewalls along paths, steps and stairs to provide traverse lighting and boost the safety and aesthetic value of any property. Also, try the Constitution under eaves, benches and deck railings, inside planters or anywhere else a compact light source is needed. Features: Lamp: G4 Bi-Pin Material: Copper & Brass Finish: Polished Copper &…
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  • Deckliter Quick View
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      Deckliter Quick View
    • Deckliter

    • $65.00
    • Suspend the Nightscaping® Deckliter from eaves or an overhead trellis to simulate natural moonlight. The Deckliter’s perforated body will lend subtle sparkles and visual interest as well as functional down lighting to any deck or patio area. Features: Lamp: Single-Contact Bayonet Material: Copper Finish: Copper Socket: Single-Contact Bayonet Base Mounting: Hanging Finial
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  • Director Quick View
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      Director Quick View
    • Director

    • $92.00
    • Down light specific areas with the Nightscaping® brand Director. The cone-shaped reflector throws a one-foot controlled light pattern. Try it in specialized applications like highlighting planters, hillsides, landings, and low art objects. Or, use it as a traditional path light along walkways, paths and drives. Features: Lamp: Single-Contact Bayonet Material: Aluminum Finish: Weathered Iron Powder Coat Socket: Single-Contact Bayonet Base…
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  • Escort Quick View
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      Escort Quick View
    • Escort

    • $102.00
    • Lend visual interest to any night scene with the Nightscaping® brand Escort. Designed to be suspended from tree limbs, eaves or garden structures. This versatile fixture creates stunning moonlighting effects and simultaneously boosts property safety and security. Several mounting accessories are available so that you can modify the Escort to meet your exact installation needs. Features: Lamp: MR16 Material: Extruded…
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  • Exceliter Quick View
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      Exceliter Quick View
    • Exceliter

    • $120.00
    • Utilize the energy saving yet powerful MR-16 lamp when you uplight with the Nightscaping® brand Excel-liter. This landscape lighting fixture is designed for ground mounting and features a twist-lock mechanism that allows you tool free access to the lamp. The solid copper construction makes the Excel-liter an effective uplighting fixture suitable for any project or climate condition. Features: Lamp: MR16…
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  • Guardian Quick View
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      Guardian Quick View
    • Guardian

    • $74.97
    • A favorite with designers, the Guardian compact fixture is ideal for attaching to deck railings, gazebos or other garden and architectural structures. The standard mount allows you to install the fixture flush with flat surfaces so that no hardware is visible. The Guardian comes standard with a single contact bayonet lamp that will provide soft illumination in the landscape. Features:…
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  • Infinity Liter Quick View
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      Infinity Liter Quick View
    • Infinity Liter

    • $110.00
    • Throw light virtually to infinity with Nightscaping’s® beautifully handcrafted Infinityliter path light with its cast aluminum top and built- in shield that extends lamp life and maximizes light output. The Infinityliter offers a durable and attractive lighting solution for multiple landscape applications. Features: Lamp: G4 Bi-Pin Material: Aluminum Finish: Black Powder Coat Socket: GU5.3 Base Mounting: Stake Mount
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  • Moneliter Quick View
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      Moneliter Quick View
    • Moneliter

    • $140.00
    • Uplight tall trees, graze buildings, or backlight distant trees and shrubs with the Nightscaping® Monetliter. Use this fixture anywhere a highly controlled, direct burial uplight is needed. The fixture insert, made of solid cast brass, is adjustable and allows you to precisely position the light produced. Features: Lamp: MR16 Outer Body Material: ABS Plastic Inner Body Material: Brass & Stainless…
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  • MiniStylist Quick View
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      MiniStylist Quick View
    • MiniStylist

    • $114.97
    • Use the Ministylist for almost any down lighting application that calls for a compact, adjustable fixture. Standard setup includes a knuckle for vertical positioning, and a spring-loaded body mount for easy side to side adjustments. With
a wide array of MR16 LED lamp options available, you can configure the Ministylist to meet your exact specifications. Features: Lamp: MR16 Material: Aluminum Finish:…
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  • Powerliter Quick View
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      Powerliter Quick View
    • Powerliter

    • $95.00
    • Select from multiple PAR-36 lamps and beam spreads when you use the original Nightscaping® Powerliter. Use this fixture to uplight tall trees, graze or flood buildings and walls, or highlight focal points and more. The versatility of this fixture allows you to tackle most any outdoor lighting requirement. Features: Lamp: PAR36 Material: Die-Cast Aluminum Finish: Black Powder Coat Mounting: Stake…
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  • Tuffliter Quick View
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      Tuffliter Quick View
    • Tuffliter

    • $155.00
    • Graze buildings, accent tall trees or highlight signs with the in-ground mounted, Tuffliter. Its compact construction makes the Tuffliter both weather and vandal resistant. Designed for use with an MR-16 lamp or PAR-36, this luminaire allows you to uplight at a distance of 40-50 feet. The Nightscaping® Tuffliter is a landscape lighting fixture that you can depend on. Features: Lamp:…
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  • Twinkler Quick View
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      Twinkler Quick View
    • Twinkler

    • $75.00
    • Use the Twinkler for holiday lighting, commercial settings or wherever your client wants to direct attention. The intermittent blinking light source is guaranteed to get noticed. Although appropriate for residential applications, this luminaire is probably most effective when used to gain recognition in heavily lit commercial areas. Features: Lamp: T-3 Wedge Base Material: Copper Finish: Black Socket: ST-3 Wedge Base…
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