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Our history

Shedding light on our legacy of innovation.


It Started as a Spark…

Before there was Nightscaping®, Bill Locklin was a Redlands, California electrical contractor who specialized in agricultural electrical services and maintenance.

In his spare time, he would experiment with 12-volt automobile lamps to see what kind of effects could be created in the landscape with this softer and more efficient light source.


The First Client…

In 1954, Bill’s hobby earned him a call from the Palm Springs Church. They wanted some temporary outdoor lighting for an important upcoming event where they were expecting some very special guests.

Bill immediately went to work devising a plan to create a simple, temporary solution for the upcoming event. In the true spirit of the Nightscaping company, our designers and craftsmen are also able to help you realize your needs for full customization within this product line.


The First Referral – Ike…

The client was so impressed by the improvised lighting system that he invited Bill to meet his special guests, President Eisenhower and First Lady Maime. This chance meeting resulted in another lighting job for Locklin. Eisenhower himself wanted a lighting installation at his vacation retreat for an upcoming event.


Nightscaping is born…

The installation for Eisenhower was such a success that politicians, foreign dignitaries, and social elites in attendance wanted this kind of lighting for their homes. Through his experimentation and improvisation, low-voltage for the outdoor landscape came into being.

And so did Bill’s motto, “See the effect and not the source”. Thus Nightscaping®, Locklin’s landscape lighting manufacturing company, was born.


The Demand for Landscape Lighting is Ignited…

The success of a hobby that he says, “got out of hand”, motivated Locklin to further his industry and craft. He continued doing lighting installations for everyone from the Sultan of Brunei, the CEO of Honda Motors, to all the Mrs. Joneses living on “any street” USA.

Others in the landscape industry began to realize that Bill’s innovations brought an interesting new dimension to gardens and landscapes at night.

Many wanted to purchase his products and learn his techniques, so they too could produce these wonderful lighting effects for their clients. It wasn’t long before Nightscaping manufacturing began to grow along with the demand for its products.

Bill was asked to begin teaching classes for local landscapers, teaching them how to use his low-voltage products.

1980s & 1990s

From Spark to Spotlight…

Over the years, his “hobby” became a passion and Bill’s reach and influence spanned from coast to coast. It’s safe to say that Bill truly was the “father and creator of low-voltage outdoor lighting”. As many flocked to his training courses, he became a mentor and close friend to those who ventured out to create unique businesses specializing in low-voltage lighting design and installation as a stand-alone business.

This type of mentoring atmosphere led to another one of Bill’s mottos, which was “friends doing business friends”. Bill truly was a friend to many in the industry and is still held in high regard today for his achievements and willingness to help others grow and succeed in the wonderful art of landscape lighting.

2007 – 2014

Lighting the Way Forward…

Nightscaping operated successfully in Redlands, California for over 44 years, but struggled to find its way after Bill’s death in December of 2007.

In 2014 Nightscaping was acquired by Corelight Holdings, LLC, which is committed to complete vertical integration within the landscape lighting industry. Corelight purchased Nightscaping to complete this mission. Through our distributors and manufacturer representatives, Corelight maintains a strong and growing wholesale presence in the trade.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting® gives Corelight direct access to both commercial and residential customers through its national team of lighting designers and distribution network.

Nightscaping completes the picture by bringing a line of American-made 12V and 120V fixtures to the Corelight family, along with low-voltage transformers that are built in Nightscaping’s Pennsylvania facility.


Filling New Niches…

Nightscaping has always looked at filling niches in the lighting industry and our 2019 CorTen steel series path lights and bollard collection is no exception. We are excited to release these first series of products in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes to meet the ever-growing demands of landscape lighting professionals who need quality products that are available and delivered in a timely manner

In the true spirit of the Nightscaping company, our designers and craftsmen are also able to help you realize your needs for full customization within this product line.


Forging Stronger Bonds…

In 2022, Nightscaping acquired Sidera Lighting, a manufacturer of contractor-grade, solid brass landscape lighting fixtures. The business of landscape lighting has become quite popular with lots of new companies popping up every day.

Because of this, Sidera was acquired to offer quality, brass products to help give Nightscaping’s distributors and lighting representatives a way to stay competitive in this tight marketplace for everyday types of basic outdoor lighting products. Sidera has been in the landscape lighting industry since 2014, serving distributors and contractors across the US.

TODAY. Still Shining Bright…

For decades, customers worldwide recognized Nightscaping as the professional outdoor lighting brand they knew and trusted. Today, the brand once again stands for quality and innovative professional landscape lighting… just as it did when Nightscaping first opened its doors in 1959.