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COURTYARD SERIES® Bollard Lights – 2×2 Class

The Nightscaping Courtyard Series decorative bollard path lights are perfectly suited for use in smaller residential settings or anywhere a typical “Cap & Stick” type of path or area light is utilized. Their diminutive size allows them to virtually disappear into the landscape by day. When the sun sets, these small garden gems spring out from the shadows, illuminating pathways, the edges of patios, and small garden spaces.

The various, intricately cut designs that make these decorative lights so charming to look at, are also what make these fixtures so distinctly unique at night. The concealed light source in the top of the fixture shines down through the body of the bollard, projecting those same designs onto nearby hard surfaces or plant material. The result is an exciting interplay of light and shadow you or your clients are sure to enjoy.

DIMENSIONS: 2” x 2” x 24” Path Light

Available in the following designs: