Garden, Patio, & Courtyard Lights in Austin, TX

Austin, TX Energy-Efficient Garden Lights

Nightscaping is the go-to solution for energy-efficient garden lights in Austin, TX. Your garden will become a spotlight feature of your landscape with the implementation of our garden post lights. Our Austin garden light fixtures can be customized to fit the appearance of your property. Everything from the size, pattern, and finish of the fixture can be personalized for each client. As experts in our field, we can help you determine a garden lighting design that will look fantastic. If you require assistance with installation, our team can help walk you through the process to ensure a seamless setup.

Atmospheric Patio Lights in Austin, TX

We lend our 60 years of experience to assist homeowners and businesses with the creation of a patio lighting design in Austin, TX. Patios can be found in many local restaurants and offices as an outdoor seating option for guests and employees. If your commercial property features a patio, having effective lighting is crucial for the navigation of your outdoor space. Our column patio lights in Austin, TX, offer unparalleled aesthetic appeal. With a carved exterior, these patio lights project a radiant light onto nearby surfaces and foliage. Patio lights from Nightscaping are guaranteed to take your outdoor experience to the next level. Contact our experts today to begin discussing your options.

Austin, TX Ambient Courtyard Lighting

With our courtyard lights in Austin, TX, we offer a breathtaking display of luxurious nighttime illumination. We supply both residential and commercial properties, enhancing the appearance of your courtyard while improving the accessibility of your landscape. We believe that lighting should be more than just functional, designing courtyard light fixtures that tell a story. Our courtyard post lights in Austin, TX, play with contrast and negative space, using shadows as part of the core design. When light passes through the patterned cutouts of our fixtures, it creates an enchanting projection that captivates guests. Whether you are lining walkways or highlighting focal points of your landscape, our ambient courtyard lighting in Austin, TX, is sure to elevate your outdoor experience.