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Casted PVC Mount (4×4 and 6×6)

Nightscaping’s® Stainless Steel PVC Mounting Stakes for the 4×4 Garden Series and 6×6 Estate Series Bollards are up to 24” long and help to prevent the bollards from tilting or tipping over after being installed. The Stainless Steel PVC Mounting Stake can be used on either the Garden Series Bollards or the Estate Series Bollards.

Stainless Steel PVC Mounting Stake Features

  • Designed Especially for Nightscaping’s Garden and Estate Series Bollards
  • Stainless Steel PVC Mounting Stake Easily attaches to the 4” or 6” Universal Mounting Plate
  • Up to 24” Long to Create Stable Footing for Nightscaping’s Light Bollards
  • Heavy-Duty, State Of The Art, Stainless Steel, Construction


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