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Bollard and Path
Light Installation

If you’re looking for Bollard and Path Lights in Charlotte, NC, including Installation as well, then we have you covered!

Outdoor Pillar Lights in Charlotte, NC

 Are you looking to increase your property’s potential in Charlotte, NC? With Nightscapes State-of-the-art Outdoor Pillar Lights in Charlotte, NC, outdoor patios, pool areas, walkways, and other adjacent light areas will look spectacular. Our nationally known catalog has all of the industry’s best outdoor pillar lighting systems in the United States and will last a lifetime with our lifetime warranty guarantee. With recent acquisitions from Sidera Lighting, it now offers unique solid brass landscaping lighting fixtures that make any outdoor area look more luxurious while adding stable fixtures. If you require Outdoor Pillar Lighting fixtures and casing in Charlotte, NC, check out our vast catalog and call us.

Outdoor Pillar Lights in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC Customized Column Lights

If you are looking for an outdoor column lighting company with a cutting-edge design catalog and custom bollards for various outdoor accessories, look no further because Nightscaping USA is here to aid in all your desired outdoor manufacturing needs in Charlotte, NC. Our new acquisition of Sidera Brass offers a new series of options in column lighting options. Column lighting is essential to any building with a column support system to give it an aesthetic view, which promotes more interactions and boosts the property’s financial value. Our lights provide 12 volts, adding a new atmosphere to your property’s column structure.  

Column Lighting Company in Charlotte, NC

Outdoor Lighting Post in Charlotte, NC

Are you a resident looking for an Outdoor Lighting Post manufacturer in Charlotte, NC? Have you wanted to upgrade your outdoor lighting posts but need help finding a trusted industry leader whose catalog stretches far beyond its competitors? Look no further because, at Nightscaping USA, we have decades of dedicated work in various outdoor lighting products, which are top-of-the-line in the United States. In Charlotte, NC, many homes have an older building style unique to the area. These homes have signature aesthetic looks but go invisible after the sun goes down. With our outdoor lighting post products, we can turn on the lights around the property and give the home a more magical look in Charlotte, NC. 

Outdoor Lighting Post in Charlotte, NC