Pillar, Column, & Post Lights in Atlanta, GA


Pillar Light Company in Atlanta, GA

Do you own a beautiful older or newer southern-style home in Atlanta, GA? These homes can be immaculate while the sun offers light, but they become invisible after dark without proper lighting. At Nightscaping USA, our job is to bring out the true beauty of these pillar-style buildings after the sun has set. For the true beauty of your home to be visible after dark, check out our award-winning design catalog for our pillar lighting options that will add financial and security value to your Atlanta, GA, home. There is no time to invest in your home’s pillar lighting like the present. 

Atlanta, GA Column Lights

The main difference between a home using pillars or columns is that pillars are more decorative, and columns support structural load into the foundation. If you have a column-styled building in Atlanta, GA, with basic or no column lights, then today is the day you approach our trusted, award-winning column light catalog with Nightscaping USA. With Nightscaping USA, you have a column lighting company whose operations go beyond simple lights. We offer various lighting features for column-base building structures and even do customized work if needed. No matter the project size, our Nightscaping USA team is here to assist in all your column lighting needs.

Atlanta, GA Outdoor Post Lights

Does your Dallas, TX, property have a fence, gate, pool area, or yard space with a post in the ground? If these posts have lights, do they shine brightly, or are they dull and dark? The issue with most people is they do not invest appropriately in their post lights, and it gives off a bleak appearance. With Nightscaping USA, we have over 70 years of experience transforming properties to show off their true beauty after dark. If you reside in Dallas, TX, with a property that needs beautiful ambient post lights, check our website and inquire about our catalog or customizable post-lighting solutions.