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Proudly designed and hand-crafted in the USA since 1959

Crafted in the USA

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Artistic Illumination

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Day-to-Night Artistry

Lighting designs that serve as stunning visual art by day and come to life with dramatic illumination at night.


Light Columns/Bollards

Brass Landscape Lights

Why choose Nightscaping?

Unique Lighting,
Unmatched Quality

With Nightscaping, light transcends function to become a medium of artistic expression. Craft captivating scenes and moods with our versatile lighting options, turning every project into a canvas where your design vision comes to life.

Our lifetime support and quality materials exceed industry standards, which means that professionals can confidently guarantee their clients a lifetime of quality, reinforcing trust and reliability in their services.

You don’t have to settle for quality OR aesthetic! Our innovative design brings together the beauty of light and high quality materials to give you the best of both. 

Nightscaping infuses your outdoor environment with an elegance that transcends the ordinary. Our premium lighting brings a sophisticated flair to your home from dawn to dusk.

Our dedication to American-made craftsmanship has been steadfast since our journey began over six decades ago. Each fixture we create is a testament to the enduring artistry and innovation that have been our hallmark since our early days with Bill Locklin. Every piece carries with it a story of tradition, innovation, and unmatched quality


Designed to complement any landscape or architectural style.




Shadow Patterns

Sophisticated illumination that enhances every outdoor space.




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